• Innovation

    The Authority is committed to promoting a culture of innovation internally within the core and support business

  • Safety

    The Authority is committed to ensure the safety of its people, assets, and all stakeholders. Safety decisions will always supersede business decisions

  • Co-prosperity & Customer Focus

    The Authority believes in “benefit for one is a benefit for all”. This applies to people and member states alike who are the primary customers of GCCIA

  • Reliability & Sustainability

    The Authority wants to be an entity that people can count on. This extends to its system, its service, and its employees. GCCIA is committed to remain the emergency power provider in the region

  • Efficiency

    The culture of efficiency in everything regardless of the function will be the driver by which the Authority and its employees make decisions

  • Collaboration

    The concept behind collaboration is two-fold:

    • Collaboration among employees
    • Collaboration between countries and utilities

    GCCIA values teamwork and encourages its stakeholders to collaborate with each other on all aspects of the business